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 Housing Act
 Social Housing Act
 Rental Housing Act
 Housing Consumers Protection Measures Amendment Act
 Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act
 Community Scheme Ombud Service Act
 Home Loan and Mortgage Disclosure Act, Act No. 63 of 2000
 Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, Act No. 19 of 1998


 Housing White Pager
Housing Amendment Bill 2009
Rental Housing Bill
Social Housing Bill
Housing Consumers Protection Measures Amendment Bill, 2006
Sectional Titles Schemes Management Bill 2009
Community Scheme Ombud Service Bill 2009
PIE Amendment Bill


 HLAMDA Regulations (as Gazetted)
 Compliance Manual 2010

 International Commitments

 Millennium Declaration 2000
 Millennium Goals and Targets
 Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements 1976
 Istanbul Declaration on Cities and other Human Settlements 1996
 Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development 2002

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